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OEM/ODM/OBM Manufacturers,Retail Brand,Professional Salon & Spa Brand
808, B, Misadae-ro 540, Hanamsi, Gyeonggi-do
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Jan. 1, 2019, midnight
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Best of best in face care!

"Beautifully human, healthy by the power of nature"

Lanoubelle is the ultimate line of natural-friendly derma care for skin health, consisting of only good ingredients for normal functions and developing original and trusted honest products for customer needs. La noubelle is a low-irritating, high-efficiency cosmetic product for healthy beauty made of MPC as a basic base ingredient. It has also made products that are safe for sensitive skin and has already been recognized by many professional aesthetic shops. Based on that, we are working on developing products that are effective for various skin while maintaining the basics of professional aesthetics. We promise to develop into a company that always cares about nature with customers.

CS is an abbreviation of Cure & Service

It's a nature-origin professional aesthetic brand that promises to cure and care for the skin health of people who are fatigued from the environment in&out side. La noubelle is a Korean aesthetic brand that creates, produces, and distributes high-performance, nature-based hypoallergenic skincare products.

"Care for better care(quality), Serve for better skin(effect)" Natural plant extracts-based skincare. The vital energy of natural plants, their regenerative potential, as well as their protective system, have all been placed in the service of beauty. This naturalism is applied to La noubelle skincare products.


808, B, Misadae-ro 540, Hanamsi, Gyeonggi-do