Company Type
Retail Brand
Seoul, Seoul
Date Founded
Sept. 25, 2020, midnight
Local Time
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• Individual Hope

1. Free of the anxiety from the Wrinkle and Aging

2. Free of the daily life stress

3. Free of the exhuasted work

• Social Hope

1. Green Earth

2. Protect Forest

3. Reduce Golbal Warming

CSV(Creating Shared Value)

1. Safety ingredients

2. Make customer’s happy

3. Make Employee’s happy

4. Care for environment

5. Make Win-Win System with cooperating companies

CSR(Corporating Social Responsibility)

1. Plant a Tree all over the world

2. Bottle : Glass

3. Packing : All parts are paper(box, packing buffer, tape)


1. Moto : From the Soil

2. Philosophy

1) Why : Free, Rest, Comfort

2) How : Most comfortable, Return to the nature/ original

3) What: Natural Essence Oil, EGF skin science


1. This product was manufactured a CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) palnt certified by Korea MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

2. This product was manufactured in a plant QMS &EMS management system are certified as being in conforming with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

3. This products approved from a FDA

4. This products are Vegan

5. All of products are free from Animal testing


Seoul, Seoul