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OEM/ODM/OBM Manufacturers
Incheon, Incheon
Date Founded
Oct. 1, 2003, midnight
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Introduction of GDK

GDK is a full-service OBM / OEM / ODM solutions provider of high quality Korean Cosmetics. Our company comprises of an R&D Center, a Quality Assurance Department, a Product Strategy, Sales and Marketing Department and a Manufacturing, Filling and Packaging Department in order to offer world class turnkey contract manufacturing solutions to our local and international customers.

R&D Center

GDK's R&D team is highly renowned within cosmetics communities globally through our industry leading formulations, and collaboration with Nuvesse (USA) for Cellulation TechnologyTM, KRIBB (Korean Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology, and BioSensor Lab at Seoul National University. Our researchers are always ready to work on developing your ideal cosmetic products.

Quality Assurance Department

GDK's QA department strives towards quality, consistency and safety by adhering to our own and our customers high quality standards. Our QA team is part of the process from beginning to end as they enforce regulatory practices to ensure compliance with global regulations and certifications. 

Product Strategy, Sales and Marketing Department

GDK specialises in product concept development, ideation, brand development, packaging, cost structure, logistics and time management. This department comprises a full-service and experienced team of brand developers and marketers to cover most beauty categories for different global markets. GDK has a dedicated Overseas team to cater to international customer requirements, as they are equipped with a keen sense of the competitive landscape of local markets around the world.

Manufacturing, Filling and Packaging Department

Our primary manufacturing facilities are state of the art, full service, CGMP compliant, ISO 22716 and 9001 compliant, and close to international airports for quick international shipping. Our manufacturing expertise is unsurpassed backed by years of experience in CGMP facilities and CMO mentality.

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Send us a message to learn more about our business and what we can do together. We are looking forward to becoming your contract manufacturing partner of choice. 


Incheon, Incheon