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Cosmetic Brands
Seoul, seoul
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June 1, 2020, midnight
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meaning ‘skin laboratory’, is a naturalistic skincare brand that develops products with a fundamental approach to tackling skin concerns. A prerequisite for the healthy beauty of the skin is a supply of abundant moisture, and we have discovered the solution of finding this moisture that our skin is seeking in the unrevealed, endless possibilities of nature.


We will let flourish a bloom of moisture, bottling the vital power of a flower hidden under the waters, Blue Green Algae, found in pure lakes and holding onto its self-regeneration abilities through thousands of years. So that your skin may harmonize with nature.


Skin replenished with soft blue light reflecting on a clear lake (Lucir) & moisture (Aqua). 

Like clear light reflecting on a transparent lake, hoping for moisture-filled skin to shine brightly, this wish shall be told in its entirety. Aqua de Lucir. 

  • Our Promises 

EWG All Green

All products are EWG green grade.

Pure Ingredient

We use clean, natural ingredients, especially plant ingredients that have proven effective in skin care.

Cruelty Free

It does not use animal ingredients and is against animal testing.

Synthetic Free

It does not use tar pigment or synthetic perfume that are sensitive to allergic reactions.

pH Balanced

All products are skin-friendly with pH 4.5-6.5



Seoul, seoul