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6F, 607, 28, Digital-ro, 30-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, seoul
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June 1, 2020, midnight
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Meaning ‘skin laboratory’, is a naturalistic skincare brand that develops products with a fundamental approach to tackling skin concerns. A prerequisite for healthy beauty of the skin is a supply of abundant moisture, and we have discovered the solution of finding this moisture that our skin is seeking in the unrevealed, endless possibilities of nature.                                                       



We will let flourish a bloom of moisture, bottling the vital power of a flower hidden under the waters, Blue Green Algae, found in pure lakes and holding onto its self-regeneration abilities through thousands of years. So that your skin may harmonize with nature.

  • AQUA DE LUCIR                                                       


Skin replenished with soft blue light reflecting on a clear lake (Lucir) & moisture (Aqua).

Like clear light reflecting on a transparent lake, hoping for moisture-filled skin to shine brightly, this wish shall be told in its entirety.
Aqua de Lucir.                                                      


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EWG All Green

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Cruelty Free

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6F, 607, 28, Digital-ro, 30-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, seoul