Company Type
Retail Brand
Cheomdanro 213-4, Jeju, Jeju
Date Founded
April 16, 2012, midnight
Local Time
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"we created this Jeju-like beauty product that represents the value of Jeju's natural environment from start to finish.

We uncovered hidden ingredients from Jeju's soil and sea and contained them in our  products. Natural skin begins with nature"

<JEJUON> Nature of Jeju for your skin

JEJUON carries the beauty of Jeju's nature. We produce Made in Jeju cosmetics with valuable Jeju native plants such as green mandarin, citrus flower honey and Udo Island peanuts.

Without artificial or chemical ingredients, we use organic turmec grown in Jeju's volcanic ash soil as a main raw material. It keeps raw material's own energy in the bottle.

<HAION> Put the benefit of ocean-based skin care on your skin

HAION is a brand that utilizes marine raw materials in the clean jeju ocean as its core material. We strive to honestly deliver the raw materials in the Jeju sea which contains abundant minerals and vitamins. 

We make various products using natural ingredients such as red sea cucumber, abalone, and conch that are harvested y Jeju Haenyeo - female divers harvesting sea life from the ocean, listed as a Korea's Unesco Cultural Heritage 


Cheomdanro 213-4, Jeju, Jeju