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Ingredient & Formula Supplier
Seoul, City
Date Founded
Nov. 4, 1999, midnight
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“Korea’s 10 New Technologies” by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in Korea in 2005

“National Research Laboratory” in 2006 

NEXGEN Biotechnologies, Inc., has been 19 years in Korea, specialties in research and development of recombinant proteins to be used for medical/skincare industry, producing over 100 kinds of special proteins as well as distinctive skincare products.


STERILE: Preservatives-Free 

NEXGEN products are the world first and only STERILE: Preservatives-Free Products. For the last 30 years, tremendous new materials and formulations have been introduced in the world cosmetic market but the perfectly sterilized cosmetics without preservatives were first developed by NEXGEN in 2011

Plant Extract 0%  

“Do you think that natural plant extract cosmetic products are better on your skin?” NEXGEN says “NO” We never know the types and contents of each ingredient included in extracts. It is not proper that the plant extracts of the complex state are considered as an ingredient. If we don’t know what kinds of ingredients are contained, it is difficult to figure out the cause when the side effect occurs or the desired effect is not working. So, we removed natural plant extracts but use only quantitative ingredients that scientifically proved their functions such as medical supplies. 


The NEXGEN cosmetics minimize the stimulation of the skin cell, and at the same time, it maximizes the nutrition balance, using the artificial cellular liquid which contains 21 kinds of Amino Acids, 9 kinds of Vitamins, 10 kinds of Minerals. NEXGEN produces the high function cosmetics by using functional materials (EGF, IGF, bFGF Growth Hormone, Spider Fiber Protein, Spider Toxin Protein, Jellyfish proteins, and more) which reach the medical care area, not just simple cosmetics, by recombining the growth factor proteins. Then it became High-End skincare products. 


Seoul, City