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Anyang, Gyeonggi
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July 30, 2008, midnight
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Visible results for hair loss improvement

"76.5% answered YES for improvement in hair thickness in 16 weeks"

"82% answered YES for improvement in hair growth"

Phytopecia (1) Hair Boosting Shampoo (2) Hair Tonic (3) Scalp Essence are solutions for anti-hair loss

Core Ingredient - P1P (Phytopesia's own patent ingredient for cell growth)

Core Technology - Nanofolisome technology delivers the small particles of nutrition to the deep derma layer (Phytopesia's own patent technology)

What is P1P? 

With age, s1p in our body that heals and regenerates wounded cells lowers its number, and the skin easily wrinkles and cracks. 

P1P is a lab-developed ingredient that serves the same function as s1p, it renews the skin cell and slows down the skin-aging. 

P1P is a phytopesia's patent ingredient in the US, Japan, China, and Korea. Proved for its excellency in anti-aging function. 


Anyang, Gyeonggi